Having been exasperated by the events surrounding Brexit over the past few months and going through the emotive responses naturally associated with the extreme views displayed across Twitter. I thought I would try to put down my thoughts, if not only to share, but also to remind me in my moments of anger and despair.

Brexit was never going to be easy. With a country so divided with a result of 52/48 it was only ever going to be resolved by a Government using intelligence and a careful approach to a negotiated exit. For the good of the Country, it could never be one extreme or the other. Compromises needed to be made to reflect the gravity of the decision made. The democratic process should always be respected and this is why Brexit should happen, but the essence of a good democracy is also to protect the minority opinion of the electorate. It is why we have a Parliamentary system based on representing what is best for the Country first and your constituents second.

But protecting the minority does not mean ignoring the majority.

A ‘No-Deal’ Brexit would not help heal the country. Ignoring the result and forcing a ‘Second Referendum’ would not help the Country. The only solution was to work on a deal with the EU that could ensure Brexit happened but that the impact was at least partly acceptable to all. It’s not pandering. It’s not being soft. It’s not ignoring the wishes of the majority. It is simply a common sense approach and respectful of all. It is also they way our democracy should work and it is the only way to heal the ever greater divide fracturing our union.

We have such extreme groups controlling, our attempting to control, this process none of which are prepared to accept any compromise and it is no wonder the country is becoming a hotbed of extreme views.

The ‘Hard-core brexiteers’ for want of a better description will accept anything but a total ‘Hard’ Brexit. They have a justifiable case. The referendum stated simply Leave or Remain.

The ‘Hard-core Remainers’ want to revoke A50 and just cancel the whole process. At best they want to hold the vote all over again.

Whether you want to hear it or not, neither of this options will help heal the divide across the country. There is only one solution. The fix will be equally hated by everyone. A deal with the EU that ensures Brexit happens but ensures a close working relationship with the EU. We have to stop ignoring the valid points raised by either side and just disregarding the opinions of others because it doesn’t fit with our viewpoint. We have to stop insulting others. Most importantly we have to start looking at the FACTS and not just listening and accepting the viewpoint of the people we like because their view matches our own.

We have to engage, really engage with people that want to listen and debate. Parliament supported by ‘Interfering Outside Influencers’ has acted despicably in its duty to Govern this Country. It has circumvented accepted norms, colluded with third parties and deliberately acted to prevent Brexit happening. I’m sorry if you don’t agree and I am happy to discuss where I might be wrong on this subject, but I can only base this on the evidence as I see it.

Parliament voted to leave the EU in line with the referendum result. The main parties were elected on manifestos stating they will honour the result. They all agreed that a deal should be made (except SNP and a few others) to facilitate Brexit. Since then what have they actually done.

Labour have never supported any deal and have blocked any attempt to honour the referendum. The ‘May’ deal was not accepted although it left us practically in every EU treaty forever. The ‘Boris’ deal was not accepted because it takes away worker rights. Where? It simply states that the laws will return to the UK Government to implement. The UK Government has a pretty good track record and in fact most of our rights in the UK are superior to most EU countries. If the UK Government is in control of workers rights then surely Labour has the chance to control them by winning the election. It also can influence them as the opposition with a meaningful vote.

The Liberal Democrats have again never supported any deal and have now set a policy of simply revoking Article 50.

The Conservatives as the Government have attempted to get a deal. This may at this point start to sound like a ‘Party Political Broadcast’ and I am sorry if it does but it only reflects the facts as I see them. The deal now on the table basically means we exit the EU in it’s entirety at the end of 2020. This provides a complete Brexit at this time. The Political declaration states that we will work closely to align with the EU to ensure a fair and equitable future relationship. I know many will want to argue particular points about this quick analysis, but I think this is a fair summary.

There are many un-truths that have been stated by both sides of this argument and continue to be told. ‘It will be easy’ ‘we will get a deal’ etc from the Leave side. ‘The economy will collapse’, ‘The EU is simply a trading relationship’ from the remain side. We can throw the accusations of lying around forever if you want, but does that really move us toward achieving an acceptable end-game.

To those who insist the only true brexit is a ‘hard’ brexit I say you are wrong and you risk untold damage to the country by not supporting a reasonable solution by way of the current deal on the table.

To those that insist on using every means possible to stop Brexit, I say you are subverting the democratic system of our country. The damage you are doing is catastrophic and will damage democracy in this country for many years to come.

To every MP currently about to start debating the deal this week, I would remind you that your job is to represent the country in it’s entirety as per your commitment as an elected MP. Whatever your previous stance you must now think about the whole country. Not your Party, not your financial backers. Not even yourself, but the 65 million people of the United Kingdom that need to reunite and make this country great again. (Oh my god that sounded like Trump sorry).

Do the decent thing, stop pandering to the extremes that give you the praise on Twitter. Stop trying to win a battle so you can crow about it and stop thinking about your re-election. This deal will help to unify the country, you know it will and it should be passed. Some MP’s with strong views from both sides of the house have compromised for the good of the country, more of you need to do so now.

Know that the vast majority of the electorate are not stupid. Extreme actions may seem to be supported by extreme followers but they are despised by the vast majority of the Country.

To all political parties, influencers, supporters. I can only say support your country as a whole. respect the valid opinions of others and stop repeating clear un-truths and mis-representaions. Stop using derogatory terms for people you don’t agree with and stop supporting those that do.

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