The 80’s is a decade of change, monumental shifts in western culture are taking place and the U.K. is being transformed under the leadership of Margret Thatcher. Music is at the forefront of modern culture with the advent of stations like MTV influencing a generation.

“Through the Barricades” is the story of Keagan Devlin, a sometimes troubled young man as he transforms from adolescent to adult. With the news that his best friend, Peter Chubb, has a terminal illness, Keagan strives to be a better friend, constantly aware of his friends needs but not always managing to do the right thing. In trying to protect his friend Keagan makes a monumental error resulting in life changing consequences. Accepting his life, Peter is constantly trying to keep his friend from harm. They start relationships with cousins they meet at a local disco and life settles into a stable pattern, but not for long. Keagan joins the British Army and is immediately thrust into war with the advent of the Falklands Conflict. Whilst this will have a profound affect on his life, events back in the UK, will be the catalyst for even greater turmoil.

A pregnancy, along with a sudden death, strains the relationships. Keagan, his mental health questionable, moves to the USA, determined to resolve his demons. Peter’s wedding, re-ignites old passions and with his battle with illness taking a turn for the worst, Keagan makes a permanent return to the UK. The death of his closest friend brings emotions to the surface and a surprising revelation paves the way for a possible reunion.

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