When will the Politicians and some people of the United Kingdom wake up and realise the damage being done to democracy in this Country!

The referendum was held and it produced as result to leave the European Union. You may not like the result, I didn’t I voted Remain, but you HAVE TO ACCEPT IT. It is the way democracy works.

It didn’t mean that you couldn’t influence what the exit would look like, but it does mean you have no right to stop it happening.

It’s not so much that I am angry at the politicians, I am, but I am even more angry at the extreme remain supporters who are prepared to accept any level of deception or underhand tactics to get what they want. We are perfectly happy to support EU politicians who are working against the U.K. to achieve their aim of stopping Brexit, because it suits their agenda.

What is wrong with being proud of being British? It’s become unfashionable and apparently racist and a view supported by only ‘old people who want to live in the 1980’s’ and will probably be dead soon so their vote doesn’t really matter.

Take it from and old goat like me, yes I am proud to be British, I take great pride in the many achievements of our country, I don’t profess any expert knowledge or opinion on ‘The War’ as I wasn’t born. I am also a fan of Europe and I see a close relationship with our European friends as important. But, I will never denigrate or bad mouth my Country to achieve the goal of remaining a member of the EU and I will not support the EU or U.K. Politicians who do so, period.

Rest assured, the underhand tactics being employed by the Politicians to stop Brexit, are setting new precedents that, by default, will become the Law of this Country going forward. Our laws are based on precedent, so Parliament passing a law that gives it the right to look at personal communications, will be used again and again in the future and at some point it may be YOUR communications. And, if this is the right thing to do, why are we not passing bills to look at ALL Parliamentarians communications, surely it’s just as important to see what communications have existed between the pro-remain supporters and the EU. But no, that won’t happen because they are the majority of MP’s so they won’t vote for that level of transparency.

Now, not only prohibiting the people to have a say by blocking a General Election, they are using the Courts, to try to achieve their aim. Again, does nobody realise the implications of this! So in future, whenever we disagree with something the Government does, if we don’t have a majority to stop them, we can take them to the Courts. Sounds perfectly reasonable I hear many say. But is it? Do we really want our future system of Government decided by appointed judges and not the elected members of Parliament we voted for? I would also state, that at the time of writing this, the Court of Scotland has returned a verdict against the Government, whilst the Court of England and Wales had supported the decision. So even the courts don’t agree and will have to be decided by The Supreme Court.

Whilst I am on this subject, we all know that bias exists on both sides of the argument, but why has the ruling from Scotland carried so much coverage relative to the other ruling. My suggestion is impact, whether you like it or not, the impact of the Scottish decision carried far greater headline value and therefore is being portrayed as the ‘only’ court decision.

And, if we insist that using the courts is the only way to achieve democratic outcomes, then one simple question. Why are we not using the courts to enforce the referendum result. It’s in black and white, the Government said they would honour the result of the referendum, they have failed and therefore the people of the United Kingdom should have the courts defending their rights. Once they have decided to intervene in Government affairs, as they have now done, what legal precedent now stops them from adjudication on that fundamental issue. The case presented in the Scottish Court has been upheld on the basis that the Government is attempting to stymie the Parliament. The same precedent applies on behalf of the people.

Parliament is working against the Government who are attempting to honour the result of the referendum. They have been for the last three years. I honestly don’t think that is open to question, it really is that simple. Whether you think they should will largely fall on whether you want to leave or remain in the EU. Which is exactly my point. The remain campaign is happy to circumvent democracy to get its way. It is working, and hats off to them, but if they really feel that destroying the United Kingdom democratic system is an acceptable price, then I say you are wrong and whilst the accepted view appears to be that the leavers are destroying our society, I say the opposite is true.

There are undoubted issues with the United Kingdom leaving the EU. Northern Ireland not being the least of them and real solutions needed to be found. If we would have spent the last three years working to achieve these aims instead of undermining any attempt to leave, then, just maybe, we could have achieved solutions. This is the real legacy of the campaign to stop Brexit. It has seriously damaged the U.K. when it didn’t need to. A deal could have been reached if the EU knew we were working to achieve a win-win instead of being promised by countless U.K. current and former politicians that they would work with them to stop the U.K. leaving.

The arguments raised by both sides have for so long focused on extremes. #Stopthecoup, #Peoplesvote #Generalelectionnow, the list is endless. It’s great marketing in some cases. Look at the #Stopthecoup, that is telling us that the Government is taking away our democratic rights and acting as dictators. Honestly, whatever the reason for the extra five days that Parliament will be closed is it really that extreme? Parliament would have been closed for most of that period anyway for the convention season. Nobody had mentioned not having the break that was already scheduled for these. I am not arguing for the closure or against it, I am simply saying that this extreme use of language is a clear mis-representation by the people behind it. They know the truth but they are happy for people in the U.K. and the rest of the World to believe we have become a dictator state, simply because it suits their purpose. It’s rubbish, any sensible person knows it, but the politicians and activists behind it don’t care how the U.K. and it’s people are perceived they just want to win.

If you really want to support democracy then protect the rights of the majority of people that voted to leave. You can throw opinion polls, statistics and all the speculation about ‘what people voted for. You can highlight lies, mis-representations and all manner of reasons why the vote was wrong or the people mis-led but the fact remains, these lies were put about by both sides. The people voted and that vote must be respected. If I hear, ‘but it was only 36% of the people’,‘it was the old people’ or ‘the people didn’t know what they voted for’ one more time, I think I might hang myself. Much to the delight of the majority of the extreme remain supporters no doubt, such is they state of the country, one more old person not here to vote will be good no doubt.

This Country and it’s democratic system is based on Elections and Referendums. It is not run on opinion polls or any other form of speculation. Honour that system and stop undermining it. And, yes it is true that under legal definitions a referendum is ‘Advisory’ but if the Government of the day says in writing that it will implement the result, then that should be good enough for anyone.

The main political parties opposing Brexit, have stated that if they are elected they will implement a ‘second referendum’. Astonishingly the Leader of the Liberal Democrat’s has gone on record as saying she will not honour the result if again it is a vote to leave. Firstly, if anybody thinks that a second referendum, whatever the result, will end all of this, then they must truly live in ‘cloud cuckoo land’. If leave win again, will the remainers just accept it? I think the last three years have shown us that they won’t. If remain win, do we really think that the leavers will honour the result after the way the first referendum has been treated.

The United Kingdom politicians who initially voted to leave, and that was 400 plus of them, done so to respect the wish of the electorate. I would say that any one of them, and I don’t care what party they represent, who has subsequently fought and voted against the Government to implement it, should be un-electable next time around.

Normally, I like to produce balanced articles. I believe that I can reasonably discuss both sides of most arguments and have done so many times, both in person and on my rare venture into the online world. But my anger at the damage being done to my country has ‘tipped me over the edge’. And rest assured, this once remain supporter would vote leave should a second referendum be held. I care more about the United Kingdom and the principals it represents then winning at any cost. I don’t think I am alone.

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