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Through the Barricades   Free on Amazon Kindle

Through the Barricades Free on Amazon Kindle

For a limited time you can get the E-Book version of 'Through the Barricades' FREE on Amazon Kindle. Promotion starting at Midnight Wednesday 17th February ending at Midnight Sunday 21st February. Pacific Standard Time.

Audio-Book Launch on Audible

Audio-Book Launch on Audible

Terms with the production team have just been agreed for 'Through the Barricades' which is expected to launch in July 2021. I am pleased to announce that Naomi Rose-Mock has accepted the production assignment as Narrator. Naomi has extensive audible experience...

Off to the Falkland’s

Off to the Falkland’s The imposing twenty-seven thousand ton ship, MV Norland, sits bravely at the dock. Still...

Book Launch Monday 29th June

Book Launch Monday 29th June

“Through the Barricades” will be available from Monday 29th June, available on Amazon, The Kindle version will be available FREE to Kindle Unlimited Members and for $2.99 for other readers. The Paperback will launch at the same time, available for $11.99. Look out for...

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