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Born in the ’60s, with my teenage years during the ’70s I was a young adult of the ’80s. Three of the greatest decades that have shaped my life and figure greatly across my work.
I grew up in the age of disco music, oversize mobile phones, yuppies and yes, how can we forget … the DeLorean. The ’80s will be remembered as an age of great social and political upheaval, it was the time of Margret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and the fall of the Berlin Wall. With all this happening, my upbringing was scarred by my older sister’s love of all things David Cassidy and later the Bay City Rollers, she even stole my cricket whites and wore them with tartan up the leg!
Having spent the majority of my life as a prolific reader, I have been influenced by a wide range of writers from James Clavell & Ken Follet through to more contemporary works from Veronica Roth & Ben Aaronovitch.
Currently a Lecturer in English at UEF in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, I enjoy sharing my passion for storytelling and helping students develop the language skills required to bring their stories to life. My ambition is to develop compelling stories incorporating complex characters. My first novel, “Through the Barricades”, set against the backdrop of life in East London during the ’80s tries to recreate the sometimes violent, always humorous but definitely challenging times for a generation undergoing significant social changes.

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Through the Barricades

Beyond the Barricades

Telephone Line


We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.
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